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The Role and Performance Advantages of Honeycomb Aluminum Sheet Introduction

Jun 14, 2016

Originally aluminum sheet honeycomb is aviation, aerospace materials; it is now used in civil construction and travel decoration. Aluminum sheet honeycomb unified standard advanced aluminum sheet, with a variety of craft manufacture. Its honeycomb composite technology is the scientific and technological achievements of modern aviation. Lightweight, sheet strength is very high, which is one of the highlights of Honeycomb aluminum.

Effect of honeycomb aluminum sheet

  1. Curtain Wall sidin
    Honeycomb aluminum sheet wall panel system to the aviation industry evolved composite honeycomb panel technology, this advanced technology allows the company to create a good strength and light weight wallboard products. This wallboard product surface is very smooth; the seam width can be strictly controlled, which allows the architect to design a very fine flat wall surface of the board.

2. Ceiling

Honeycomb aluminum sheet light quality, good toughness, high strength, good noise insulation properties, is ideal for large projects ceiling plate, and aluminum sheet honeycomb installation method diversification, can be heavy smallpox design, Exalted be repaired.

3. Rail

Bus, train, subway and rail transportation vehicles, commercial trucks and truck body, ship building, billboards, interior decoration, interior partitions and commodity Showcase.

4. Whiteboard

Its selection of backing material made of honeycomb aluminum sheet, honeycomb aluminum sheet material from the high-end products for civilian aerospace products and technologies to ensure that the product moisture, fire, deformation, ensure that the product for more than 10 years of life. Board durable, strong anti-pounding plate, using special high wear-resistant paint manufacturing projection film or writing panel, anti-scratch, high-brightness, and high-definition, easy to clean (can use the whiteboard cleaner or damp cloth).

5. Lift Engineering

Honeycomb aluminum sheet, marble honeycomb panels due to its fire protection, thermal insulation, noise, vibration, heavy and strong, resistant cushioning, light weight and so on. Use it can greatly reduce the load of the elevator, the elevator is used for public and freight elevator is the most ideal material.

6. Furniture Manufacturing

Very strict environmental protection requirements of the modern furniture industry, aluminum honeycomb panel to do the work material furniture is the new century a good choice of materials, it is completely non-toxic green quality, so furniture dealer in the processing of furniture, less unnecessary environmental program; in addition, aluminum honeycomb panels as diverse panel solid wood, aluminum sheet, gypsum board, natural marble material, can be made of honeycomb panels, material selection and convenient.

7. Partition Design

Honeycomb aluminum sheet partition appears, breaking the previous traditional partition mode, with its noble, fresh, grand style, winning the high-grade office space market.



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