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Aluminum Sheet Curtain Wall Construction Types and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Jun 14, 2016

So far, the aluminum roofing sheets of all the metal walls has accounted for a dominant position in the metal walls, lightweight materials, reducing the load of the building, high-rise building provides a good selection conditions; waterproof, stain resistant, excellent corrosion resistance, the outer surface of the building to ensure the long lasting; processing, transportation, installation and construction are all relatively easy to implement, its widespread use to provide strong support; the diversity of colors can be combined and processed into different external shape, expanding the architect design space; high performance and low cost, easy maintenance, long life, meet the requirements of the owners. Thus, aluminum curtain wall construction as a form of high-impact, acclaimed.

Introduction surfaces and aluminum curtain wall performance comparison

Aluminum curtain wall surface material used in the following four kinds of (1) an aluminum composite panel (2) a single layer aluminum sheet (3) aluminum honeycomb (4) sandwich insulation aluminum, is currently using a large amount of the first three, since how kinds of surfaces to choose from, they are different before.

Aluminum curtain wall construction types and their advantages and disadvantages:

1. aluminum curtain walls in the form of structural units can be divided into aluminum curtain wall and aluminum curtain wall type member, the two forms, the so-called curtain wall unit refers to the panels, beams, columns assembled at the factory for the curtain wall unit in the form of curtain wall units in the field to complete the installation construction of a frame walls. The so-called curtain wall member is in the field followed by installation of columns, beams and panels frame curtain wall.

The problem aluminum roofing sheets, aluminum curtain wall application should pay attention to:

1. resistance to deformation of the curtain wall system

It must be carried out for each of the important parts of the curtain wall system of scientific mechanics calculations, considering wind pressure, weight, earthquake, temperature effect on the curtain wall system for embedded parts of the connection system, grid system, panels and fasteners careful school nuclear, to ensure the safety of the curtain wall.

2. Whether floating plate connection

Floating connector to ensure the ability to recover after deformation of the walls, to ensure the integrity of the walls, it does not make the walls due to the force caused by the deformation of the surface to avoid the walls bulging or sunken happening.

3. The fixation plate

Plate fixation plate flatness installation plays a decisive role. Discontinuity plates each fixed point agreement will result in deformation of the surface material affect the exterior effect, so the fixation plate must be given a fixed manner from compacted to ensure the flatness of the surface of the walls.

4. The composite material surfaces demolition edges if there is a reinforcing measures
because hemming composite panel material retaining only the positive plate thickness, thinner, lower intensity, so there must be a reliable measure of the reinforcing demolition edge.

5. The board is reasonable to set the back ribs to increase the strength and stiffness of the plate surface.
Strengthening arrangement distance ribs and rib strength and stiffness itself, we must meet the requirements to ensure the use of wall function and safety.

6. waterproof sealing method is reasonable
Waterproof seal many ways, structural waterproofing, waterproof inside, a plastic seal, seal different way prices are not the same, select the appropriate sealing method for the project, to ensure that the function and effect of the exterior curtain wall.

7. Selection of materials meets the norms, standards and design requirements.

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