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The Luxury of Ssolid Wood Furniture

Apr 28, 2016

There is something to be said for the look, and feel of solid wood furniture. Whether in the office or home, a solid wood table, chair or cabinet sets the scene and gives the environment a touch of class and sophistication.

Of course, solid wood when used as furniture does have some drawbacks, namely price and  and it does perhaps need a little more care and ender loving than plastic or iron on chipboard. But at the end of the day it is worth it.

Lets look at some tips  for taking care of wooden furniture.

The first step is deciding where your piece is going to be used and the environment it will be placed in. Much like choosing a leather sofa, you need to think carefully about your own home and the conditions that the table or desk will be placed under. If yours is an active home, with young or not so, children and pets running everywhere,  you entertain a lot with the risk of marks from wine glasses or hot  buffet dishes then perhaps a soft timber with an oiled finish is not going to cut the mustard. It may look nice in the store, but a few parties later?

Some of these tips may be very obvious and can apply to any furniture, but....


Dust is not just ugly to look at, it can also build up and have a detrimental effect of furniture by creating a film that can lead to scratching, so dust frequently. The aim is to remove, not just move the dust, clean paper towels, feather dusters are good options, but using a microfibre cloth is best. Damp cloths- not soaking wet- can help contain the dust. If your piece of furniture is 'Au naturel” or oiled, do not, under any circumstances use household cleaners.

Location, location, location

This is especially important if your furniture is not varnished or polyurethane coated. There are a few things wood does not like, insects are one, heat and water are others, The two latter elements may cause your table or desk to split, crack or warp. So keep it away from heaters or direct sunshine. Likewise  humidity, too high and the wood may swell and warp, too dry and it might crack.

Feed it

If you have a piece with a urethane or protective coating then look for quality polishes or creams especially prepared for this purpose. They usually contain silicone which does not penetrate the wood but sits on the outer coating. The risk here is of product build up which can dull the surface imparting a patchy or dirty look.

If you have an oiled or stained wooden furniture with no protective coating then you need to look for a very good wood wax or oil and be prepared to invest some elbow grease. Use a soft cloth to apply and rub the wax into the wood and another to polish off and buff up the timber. Change cloths frequently. My gran used to use chicken and pigs fat, it was a bit smelly I recall and attracted flies so maybe best to avoid that option!

Probably the best tip is to seek professional advice and suggestions. Your first call should be the in the shop when you are thinking of buying, ask the seller for advice. Shop around, if they don't know, don't buy. Likewise if something nasty does happen, call the dealer for help first. If you ave bought a solid wood piece of furniture it is likely not cheap, there will be a % in the sellers margin for after sales service so don't be afraid to ask.

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