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How to Care for Leather Furniture

Apr 25, 2016

It's been a long hard day, the client was next to impossible, the traffic on the way home was murder but now, you can close the door on another day. Pour yourself a Scotch and ease your self into your new leather recliner...ahhhhh, heaven. You just can't help admiring it, and the smell, wonderful.

Yes, there is certainly something majestic, almost regal about leather furniture, not only does it hint at success, sophistication and class, but in a way, it speaks to our innate primal instincts. 

But leather does tend to need love and attention to keep it looking t its best, lets look at a few tips.

Dust it

And do it often. We talked about this in solid wooden furniture but the unsightly look of dust is only part of the problem It is more than aesthetic. If dust build up mixes with the moisture in the air and your skin to create a mildly acid solution which can, over time weaken the leather. It also attracts abrasive particles which will soon make the leather look old and shabby. Sure, in some ways that adds to the appeal, but no one really wants a sofa or chair with nasty scratches. So get into the habit of wiping it down with a soft or microfibre cloth.

Vacuum it

Now is the time to dig out those funny shaped extras that came with your Hoover.  Even the most fastidious of us shed little bits of skin and hair, we do occasionally drop the odd biscuit crumb and larger particles of dust and grit seem to have a knack for finding their way into the creases and folds. For the same reason as above, get into a regular vac habit.

Feed it

Leather, like timber was once a living organ, it is a natural product so needs to be conditioned every so often. Much the same way as we [used to] use a wax shoe polish to keep our shoes from drying and cracking. Conditioning your leather furniture will do the same thing. It will also help maintain its water proofing abilities and make it easier to repel the odd spill of red wine or Scotch. On average you only need do this once or twice a year.

Dry it

Ok, we are human, very occasionally we do spill something, but no panic, as long as we quickly wipe it up. Same method as dusting. If, in the heat of the moment, it is a little sticky, - I am thinking of chocolate here,  then maybe a damp cloth might help but do make sure you use a dry cloth afterwards. And don't be tempted to reach for Mr Muscle or Jiff. Now here is a neat trick: take that microfibre cloth again to any small scratches that appear and after a bit of prolonged rubbing, they will fade.

Stay cool man

As tempting as it sounds to push it to the window and bathe in the summer sun, don't. Nothing will dry the leather faster, besides which, if you have a lovely modern pastel coloured shade the UV will dramatically shorten its life.
OK, that's it, enjoy your leather recliner or sofa, take reasonable care and it will reward you well, and if you do a have a major oops, call your dealer or local store. That's a job for the pro's.

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How to Care for Leather Furniture

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