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What are the Uses for a Microfibre Cleaning Pad?

Apr 22, 2016

Almost limitless, use it anywhere and everywhere you would use a cotton cloth.

Apart from the general cleaning in the kitchen use it on windows,  it leaves no steaks.... great...refrigerator surfaces, cleaning the car, shining up chrome appliances [or any other finish] Again, if you would usually use a cotton cloth or paper towel, you can use a microfibre cleaning cloth, only difference is it is more cost effective and better for the environment. We know, some people are going to point to the manufacturing process, but in reality, it differs very little from the production of paper towels or cotton cloth in its negative environmental impact.

Polypropylene Carpets

Polypropylene is another of the synthetic fibres, along with polyester, and nylon derived from petroleum and a chemical treatment process, often used in the textile industry such as rugs, mats and carpets.

When choosing a rug or carpet one has a few choices, firstly, synthetic or wool.

Wool has some obvious advantages as well as some drawbacks. At the end of the day it depends on your budget, what “image” or effect you want to convey and your cleaning regime. Lets assume we are going for synthetic in which case we are likely looking at polypropylene as it is the most common type of artificial fibre used in rug making today.

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