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The Advantages of Aluminum Foil Used in Cooking

Apr 6, 2016

Aluminium foil used in cooking is itself non toxic. But it is worth noting that the practice of wrapping some meats on the barbecue in aluminium foil to prevent burning or overcooking maybe something that needs to be applied with caution. Some experts suggest that food wrapped in aluminium foil should not have added sauce, because the seasoning may contain an acidic substance which may react with the aluminium foil tin and may cause aluminium poisoning after eating.

This is leaching of aluminium is greater if the seasoning is highly acidic, such as lemon juice, often used by back yard chefs as a meat tenderiser.  The acid in lemon juice can break down the aluminium foils resulting in aluminium being taken into our stomachs and into our system. Whilst small amounts of aluminium are not hazardous to human health, excessive levels are and have been linked, in studies, to a manner of illnesses in humans,. Aluminium competes in the human body for calcium, which can result in a loss of bone strength, an especially serious issue for children and women.

 Some advantages of using aluminium foil in cooking:

1. Anti-greasy, helps with the clean up
After use, simply remove the aluminium foil so that the cleaning work can be more easily done. Or before cooking, aluminium foil can be attached to the stove front to help kep it clean and free from burnt on gunk and grunge which can be difficult to remove.
2. Wrap grilled ingredients, add flavour
Some foods can be wrapped in aluminium foil paper on the barbecue, such as crab butter, baked clams, etc. to lock in and intensify the sweet flavour!
Aluminium foil  normally has a smooth matte [dull] finish on one side and shiny on the other. Now, you may have heard stories abut which side to wrap the food, yes?
In truth, it makes no difference, the foil is the same both sides, one side comes into contact with the rollers as it is processed creating that lovely shiny finish that we love. But it has no effect on how food cooks or tastes. But what ever works for you, stick with it~ Mind over matter.

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