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Aluminum Foils are the Best Material Used in Pizza Supplies

Apr 5, 2016

Disposable pie pan pizza trays are made of aluminium foil as are disposable foil containers, aluminium foil boxes and aluminium lunch boxes Aluminium foil trays are suitable for snack food packaging, and used extensively by food manufacturers, the catering industry, catering companies, fast food chains, schools and enterprises. As an environmentally friendly material, aluminium foil is superior to plastic foam as there is no fear of toxicity, or leakage of liquid content. Aluminium foil can withstand higher and lower temperatures than poly foam or cardboard (up to 250c degrees or down to minus 20c degrees) is resistant to oils, acid and alkali  and preserves the foods quality and nutritional value. [SGS report,] Aluminium foil containers can be taken directly from freezer chest to oven without fear of cracking, exploding or breaking. It is colourless, odourless, non-toxic, clean, safe, economical to produce and as it can be endlessly recycled and reused, it is also  environmentally friendly.        

Aluminium foil, is a “green” metal.

Aluminium foil can be processed into contaimners of a variety of shapes, is widely used in heat and eat products, airline catering, take way meals [fast food], cooked food, instant noodles, instant lunch and other food industry packaging. Aluminium foil containers maintain their appearance, have good thermal conductivity, can be safely be used on stop tops and in ovens. Unlike Teflon coated dishes they do not need special kitchen utensils and can go directly into boiling water or a steam box in the original packaging. Aluminium foil dishes are safe, sanitary, odourless, and leak proof, a  convenient easy to use container.

Aluminium is a recyclable resources, helping to save resources and cut back on landfill helping to protect the environment. The ability to heat seal or process food at high temperatures and pressure aids sterilisation so it is  widely used in pies, luncheon meat, honey pot, sauces, jams and processed cheese, coffee, milk, vegetarian paste and other products requiring a long shelf life sealed package. However whilst probably the biggest industrial sector for aluminium foil usage, food is not alone, it is also  used for non-food and industrial applications, such as in the pharmaceutical industry.

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