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What is Aluminium Foil Paper and its Main Industial areas

Apr 1, 2016

Aluminium foil products are used in the manufacturing industrial as a protective packaging for raw materials household goods and construction. The initial development of Langfang Dacheng is a common example of aluminium foil paper used in the building industry where it follows the basic requirements for the type of application.

Production began in 1932, successfully testing aluminium foil as a new kind of industrial material. Substituted material will be more unified and widely used resulting in a variety of flexible packaging. With economic development, China will become the world's most important consumer in the packaging market. So prospects for aluminium foil packaging development are very wide.

Aluminium foil is used extensively in many industries, for example: airline food packaging, general packaging meat, cigarette packaging. Depending on the application characteristics, it is divided into more than 20 varieties. Different countries at different levels of economic development have different needs so there is a big difference in the uses and global consumption structure of aluminium foil. In European and American countries, foil products for packaging account for 70% of total demand. In the Chinese market, aluminium foil is mainly used as industrial raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, and accounts for only 30% of total domestic demand. Although aluminium foil packaging development is late, the market is growing rapidly.

Aluminium foil use in architectural applications is quite significant, used as a cladding on the surface it offers good weather protection properties, it also makes construction easier and more convenient as well as adding a clean aesthetic property. Other industrial uses for aluminium foil in the construction  range from insulation, keeping heat in or out to fireproofing and rodent barriers.

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