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Features of Aluminium Foil Bags

Apr 1, 2016

Aluminium foil bags are made from a variety of plastic films in a composite bag machine and maybe used for packaging food, medicine industrial products, and other daily necessities.

The term aluminium foil bag usually refers to  plastic composite vacuum bags, and are suitable for large-scale precision machinery and equipment, chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, As they provide protection from moisture and damaging ultra violet light The process uses a  four-layer structure  to enhance its  good water tightness and oxygen barrier function. Aluminium foil bags can be produced in different shapes and sizes, customised to different specifications. The style also varies including flat pocket, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. Products are subject to GB and ASTM testing standards, and meet environmental requirements (can provide third-party test report)in line with t EU and North America's most stringent packaging material environmental standards.

Aluminium foil bag (anti-static foil bags, aluminium foil bags) have the following product characteristics;

General Properties:

An opaque, silvery-white, anti-gloss, appearance, with good barrier properties, heat sealing, optical cover, high temperature, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, nom fragrant; non toxic and tasteless.

Product Structure:

PET / AL / PET / PE. According to requirements of different material and thickness of the composite product.

Storage Temperature

≤38 ℃, humidity ≤90% 5,

General Specifications:

Thickness 0.10mm and 0.14mm, trilateral closure, Edge 10mm, size of product specifications can be customized according to customer demand.

The common foil bag's surface will generally be reflective of Esch, meaning it does not absorb light, and whilst aluminium foil bags having good light-shielding properties they also provide a strong barrier to protect the contents, and the  aluminium components means it also has good oil resistance and softness.

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