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What is Aluminium Foil Machine

Mar 31, 2016

An aluminium foil sealing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction so that aluminium foil on the bottle will instantly generate heat, and then fused on the bottle, thus sealing the contents. Sealing speed is very fast making it highly suitable for mass production The machine is a moulded all stainless steel shell, beautiful; and easy to use ensuring a continuous sealing quality. Targets for this type of machine could be: pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, cosmetics, lubricants and other industries  who need high speed, reliable sealing equipment.

When equipped with items of packaging placed on the conveyor belt, the sealing bag is automatically transferred between the operation of two sealing tapes and into the heating zone. The sealing tape is transferred to the sealing bag and machine's heating elements then soften the film until it blends. From here the product moves into a cooling chamber where, the film surface temperature decreases.  The product then moves through a knurled wheel (or printing wheel) roll, so that the sealing portion of the upper and lower plastic film adhesive and pressed into a mesh pattern or printed logo, Finally the  conveyor belt guides the sealed bags to a collection point outside the machine, completing the sealing operation.

The future  food packaging equipment will move more and more to wards an automatic industry trend promoting the development of more efficient, versatile, low power consumption of food packaging equipment which will improve our overall level of food sealing machine equipment. As China's food processing technology continues to progress, research and development of intelligent packaging technology see will the introduction of computer technology into the food sealing machine. Mechatronics will result in the constructed of a fully automatic packaging system for production packaging.  Future aluminium foil sealing machine packaging systems will be able to self diagnose and early detection of problems will increase the speed and efficiency of the project.  High-speed filling with precise metering used in food sealing machines will greatly simplify the structure and improve the quality of packaging products ensuring real high-speed, high-quality, low consumption and production safety.

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