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What is a printed electronic pcb?

Mar 30, 2016

What is a printed electronic pcb?  

   PCB is a printed circuit board (printed electronic pcb) ". It also called the printed circuit board, printed circuit board,and printed electronic pcb, because it is the use of electronic printing, it is called "printed circuit board". The printed circuit board substrate is assembled for the electronic parts,it is in general a substrate at a predetermined point between the connection and the design form printed component printed board.    The main function of printed electronic pcb is to make all kinds of electronic components forming a circuit connection, starting relay transmission function,it is the key to the electronic interconnection of electronic products, the electronic products "the mother said. PCB as the substrate and the electronic part loading key interconnection, any electronic equipment or products are required.
The printed electronic pcb is a structural element to insulating materials with conductor wiring form. In the preparation of the final product, which will be installed integrated circuits,transistors,diodes and passive components such as resistors, capacitors,and various other electronic parts. By wire connectivity,the printed electronic pcb can form the electronic signal link and it should be functional. Therefore, the printed circuit board is a kind of platform element link to undertake the basis of the contact parts.

   PCB has the characteristics of high density, high reliability, design, manufacture,assembly and maintenance of six aspects.
Generally speaking, more complex functions of the electronic products, circuit longer distance, number of contact feet, PCB needed more layers,such as higher-order consumption electronics, information and communications products;and soft board is mainly used in need of bending around the products: such as notebook computer, camera, car dashboard, and other. According to the PCB classification number to points,it can be divided into single panel (SSB),double plate (DSB) and multilayer board (MLB); according to the flexibility to points,it can be divided into rigid printed circuit board (RPC) and a flexible printed circuit board (FPC). In industry research, general in accordance with the basic classification of the PCB products, PCB industry can be divided into a single panel, double sided board, conventional multilayer board, flexible plate, HDI (high density sintering) board, a package substrate such as six major industry segments.

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