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The introduction of tv power cords

Mar 30, 2016

 Function of tv power cords

   1,the tv power cords have high quality image reception

   2,the program is rich in content

   (1) to expand the bandwidth of the transmission system, improve the cut-off frequency of the network.

   (2) using adjacent channel transmission technology.

   (3) the use of radio and television channels is in the spare, additional cable channels.

   3,tv power cords system is a low cost of radio and television transmission coverage system.

   4, two-way transmission, a variety of uses

    the tv power cords are commonly used in copper and aluminum bar, in the room temperature, the application of drawing machine after one or several road drawing die hole, so that the section decreases,the strength of the progress.Drawing is the first process of the wire and cable companies, the primary technological parameters is drawing die technology.

   Transmission video signal (VIDEO) of the tv power cords,it can be used as a monitoring system of signal

transmission.General model: SYV75-X (X 3mm/5mm diameter insulation, it the greater the number of wire diameter larger) SYV S--- RF coaxial cable, Y--- V--- polyethylene, PVC. 75 characteristic impedance,video line 75-3 (100 meters), to the normal work of the transmission distance 75-5 (300 meters) ,to the normal work of the transmission distance 75-7 (500-800 m),to the normal work of the transmission distance 75-9 (1000-1500 meters), transmission working distance commonly use the SYV75-5, the same manufacturer may also offer different prices of products, the difference is that the copper is copper or copper clad aluminum, or copper core shielding layer hanknumber for example, 96 series (referring to the 96 thin copper core, 128 weaving, knitting) series number, the shielding performance is better, so the products in the procurement should be paid attention to.

Television scanning line (TVLine)

   The picture definition of TV is the unit of horizontal definition. In layman's way, we can put the picture on the TV in the horizontal direction into a lot of the scanning line, the more detailed, the more clearly the picture, and the number of horizontal line number of the line is also more. The definition of the unit is "TV line (TVLine)" which is also known as the line. From the horizontal direction, the equivalent will be erected on each line of the scan lines, and then multiplied by the 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, constitute the horizontal direction of the bus.

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