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The introduction of the computer boards

Mar 30, 2016

 The entry name: computer boards

   Alias: computer boards, control module, control circuit board, control boards

   English Name: Control board or computer boards

   Definition: a core component of computer.Controller,they are usually consist of hardware and software,they are used for air conditioning, elevator, building automation and other large equipment and automatic control system.
For example: air conditioning and refrigeration fittings - Jie Sheng business online shopping portal website, the computer boards are composed of main control boards, display boards, power boards, driver boards, input and output boards etc.

   Military computer board

   Jim Lanzafane designed  the hardware in the 1980's, these components are part of the computer MILVAX (Military Vax Computer). He put the DEC VAX computer components converted into ordinary ceramic packaging element and enhanced cooling system.

   Military computer board

   All devices are installed in the USAF ATR frame. This system was widely used in JSTARS airlines, the U.S. space shuttle sounding, and missile silos. In addition to the module design sketch and PCB bare board. Of course, this equipment is very expensive, very expensive, even in 1980 the amount of calculation.

The circuit board is mainly composed of a welding plate, through holes and mounting holes, components, connectors, wire
   Filling, boundary electrical components, the main function of each part are as follows:

The pad used for metal welding components: pin hole.

Vias: metal vias and non metallic vias, where in the metal hole for connection between each layer components pin.

The mounting hole for fixing the circuit board.

The wire used in electrical network: copper film connected with the pin of the component.

Connector for connecting components between circuit boards.

Filling: for copper wire network,they can effectively reduce the impedance.

Electrical boundary:they are used to determine the size of circuit board, all components should not exceed the boundary.

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