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The introduction of optical audio cables

Mar 30, 2016

  Do you know the optical audio cables?

   To provide you with optical audio cables model which are related to classification information, you can consult the free optical audio cables model information.

BVR wire is a copper core PVC insulated flexible wire, which is applied to the fixed wiring requirements of the flexible occasions.

BVR wire is a kind of soft power cable for power distribution cabinet. Also called the two line.

   Detailed introduction

   This product is suitable for the fixed installation of AC rated voltage 450/750V and below. Such as Zhuang Zhaoming. Fixed wiring can be used for indoor and bright application, wear tube and other occasions. In order to facilitate the difference in the installation process,the optical audio cables can be divided into red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, a total of seven colors. As the BVR is a soft structure, the use of the scope is also more in the soft environment. BVR wire and BV wire and the only difference is that the R type wire conductor for soft copper wire diameter. Namely: to increase the number of single conductor, reduce conductor diameter, single conductor diameter less than 1 mm. In this way, the BVR wire is very soft, laying angle requirements than BV wire greatly reduced, threading pipe, wire slot is more convenient, fast, reduce the work intensity and greatly improve the efficiency of work. By the vast majority of electrical and architectural decoration personnel like!

The difference between BV and BVR:

(1) from the production process, BV is a single core, BVR is more than the core, in the production, BVR is a little more complex than BV.

(2) from the price, said BV and BVR because of its only in the process, BVR is a little more expensive than BV. In the International Electrical Commission, the BVR range is from 2.5 mm to 70 mm, however, according to China's actual needs,it is the same as BV.

(3) in the performance, BV and BVR are basically the same, the weight of BVR slightly heavier;

Similarly, BVR wire based on the chosen material ,it is also divided into flame retardant wire (ZR-BVR), fire wire (NH-BVR), low smoke halogen free wire (WDZ-BVR).

   Users according to the use of flexible use of occasions. Among the low smoke no (low) halogen wire in the flame combustion of a very small amount of smoke, the release of the gas does not contain halogen (low halogen) elements, non-toxic (low toxicity). When the fire occurs,the optical audio cables can greatly reduce the instrument, equipment and human body harm. So it has been widely used in high-rise buildings, hospitals, large library, gymnasium, disaster command scheduling buildings, railway stations and civil airport, the passenger waiting room, key cultural relics sites and subways, underground shopping malls or densely populated public places.

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