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The difference between transformer and rectifier

Mar 30, 2016

   Do you know the difference between transformer and rectifier?Now let's talk about the transfomer and rectifier.
   First of all, we must make the concept of transformer and rectifier clear.

   1 transformer,

The narrow sense concept: the concept of power transformer is to through the electromagnetic coupling, some specifications of alternative energy is converted into another specifications of alternative energy, such as current and voltage transformation, but no matter how to transform, energy is conserved.

Generalized concept: any equipment can be a transformer can be a transformer; for example, switching power supply, resistance buck, three terminal voltage regulator, etc.;

   2 rectifier,

Rectifier is the alternating signal into a DC signal process,the rectifier is able to change the signal into a DC signal equipment;
   3 and then look at the difference between the transformer and rectifier,

Rectifier, as mentioned above, the AC signal into a DC signal;

For example, you can use a rectifier (bridge rectifier) which will be the city of 50Hz 220V AC into 308V DC power;
Rectifier transformer is in the AC into DC after "can also transform voltage, for example,it can be rectified 308v reduced into 5V, 9V, 12V, or boost into 400V, 450V 500V, or other you want voltage.

Of course,the transformer should be understood in a broad sense,because your voltage through the rectifier is already a DC voltage.

   1) rectifier transformer is the power supply transformer rectifier equipment. Rectifier equipment is characterized by the original input current, while the deputy party through the rectification of the original output dc.Converter is rectifier, reflux and frequency conversion of the three kinds of working mode of general, rectifier is one of the most widely used.Transformer is used as power source of rectifier unit. Most of the industrial rectifier DC power supply is obtained by the AC power grid through the rectifier transformer and rectifier equipment. The chemical industry, which is the most used rectifier, is the most used in the field of industrial high power DC power supply. Civil rectifier transformer is generally referred to as the power adapter, transformer, power converter.

   2) rectifier (rectifier) is a device that converts alternating current to direct current,which can be used in power supply device and the detection of radio signals. The rectifier can be vacuum tube, ignitron, semiconductor diode,which are made of silicon controlled rectifier, mercury arc etc..

   3) the inductance ballast is an iron core inductance coil, the rectifier is a rectifier unit.

   Now ,do you know the difference between transformer and rectifier?

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