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Rectifier,bridge rectifier and half bridge rectifier

Mar 30, 2016

Rectification is a physical phenomenon, which refers to the same driving force and reverse current magnitude of different sizes, the English name is: Rectification.

   To adjust the flow, flow, or current, or to adjust the shape of the air current.

In the power electronics:the alternating current is called the AC/DC transform,the half bridge rectifier of this kind of transformation tool which is from the power source to the load, which is called rectification.

The rectifying circuit is a circuit,and it uses the unidirectional conductivity of the diode to change the positive and negative variation of the alternating voltage.Under the action of the AC power supply,the half bridge rectifier diode is periodically switched on and off, so that the load is obtained by the pulse DC power supply.In the power of the positive half cycle,the diode conduction, so that the load current and voltage waveform shape is exactly the same; in the supply voltage of the negative half cycle diode is reverse cut-off state, bear power negative half bridge rectifier, load voltage is almost zero.

   Half bridge rectifier is the diode of one-way continuity of the rectifier circuit,which is the most commonly used tool,it frequently changes AC to DC.

Half bridge rectifier is an improvement of half wave rectifier.

Half wave rectifier using diode one-way conduction characteristics, in the case of the standard sine wave input, the output of the positive half of the sine wave,the negative part of the loss.

   Half bridge rectifier circuit diagram

   Haf bridge rectifier circuit

   Bridge rectifier using four diodes, two two docking. Sine wave input is part of the two pipe,it is conducted to obtain the positive output;input sine wave negative part.The efficiency of the bridge rectifier to the input sine wave is twice higher than that of the half bridge rectifier.Bridge rectifier is the first step to convert alternating current to direct current.
BRIDGE RECTIFIERS is also called the bridge rectifier, rectifier.

Bridge rectifier is made of multiple rectifier diodes for bridge connection, external insulation plastic package, high power bridge rectifier in the insulation layer to add a metal shell sealing, enhanced heat dissipation. Bridge rectifier has excellent performance,high rectification efficiency, good stability, the maximum rectifier current is from 0.5A to 50A, the maximum reverse peak voltage is from 50V to 1000V.

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