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Is the aluminium pcb the same as the circuit board?

Mar 30, 2016

 Is the aluminium pcb the same as the circuit board?

It is not the same,the aluminum substrate is a category of PCB.

They are common in LED lighting products.

   There are two sides, the white side of the welding pin of LED, on the other side of aluminum pcb,they are usually apply cement mortar after heat conduction contact part. There is a ceramic substrate and so on.
Aluminum pcb is a copper clad laminate which has good heat dissipation function of the metal base,general single panel consists of three layers of structure composed of, respectively is circuit layer (copper), insulating layer and the metal substrate. For high-end use are also designed for the double panel structure, circuit layer, insulating layer, aluminum pcb, an insulating layer, a circuit layer. A handful of applications for multilayer, multilayer board by ordinary insulating layer, and the aluminum pcb is attached to.

LED aluminum pcb is one of PCB and printing circuit board, just circuit board material is aluminum alloy, before our general circuit board material is glass fiber, but because such fever larger, so led lamp circuit board is generally aluminum substrate,it can fast heat conduction, other equipment or appliances with the circuit board or glass fiber board!

   PCB (Printed Circuit Board), Chinese name for the printed circuit board, or the aluminium pcb and printed circuit board,it is an important electronic components, electronic components supporting body, which is electrically connected to the carrier of electronic components. Because it is the use of electronic printing, it is called "aluminium pcb".

Electronic equipment through a printed plate, due to the similar PCB consistency, thus avoiding the artificial connection error, and it can realize electronic components automatically insert or mount, automatic soldering, automatic detection, electronic equipment to ensure the quality, improve labor productivity, reduces the cost, and ease of maintenance.

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