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How to choose outdoor power cable?

Mar 30, 2016

 Do you know how to choose outdoor power cable?

   You should choose the RVV outdoor power cable

   RVV outdoor power cable price: rated voltage of outdoor power cable is 300 / 500V, cores from the core 2 to 24 between the core,and the outdoor power cable is divided according the separation of GB, with more than two core stranded cable, outer stranding direction right to widely used in instruments, meters, building intercom, monitoring control installation.

RVV electric wire is the most commonly used cable system, the number of core wire is not fixed, two or more, there is a PVC sheath outside, there is no special requirements between the core line.

For example: rvv2*0.5 is the 0.5 2 square mm line plus a layer of outer sheath,the role of the sheath is
   1, the protection of the protection of the cable layer from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion;

   2, enhance the mechanical strength of the cable

   The difference is not huge,it mainly lies in the outdoor protection umbrella skirt.Outdoor cable are: power cable, overhead cable, there are high pressure, low voltage.

   1: by a single or a plurality of mutually insulated conductor and outsourcing insulation protection layer is made, will power or information from a transfer to another wire.

   2: it is usually by a few or several groups of wires (each containing at least two) twisted like a rope cable, each wire are insulated from each other ,the bread is highly insulating cover layer. The cable has the characteristics of internal power and external insulation.


   Cable power cables, control cables, compensating cables, shielded cables, high temperature cable, computer cable, signal cable, coaxial cables, fireproof cables, ship with cable, mining cable, aluminum alloy cable and so on. They are composed of single or multi strand wire and insulation layer,they are used to connect the circuit, electrical appliances and so on.
The concept of sheath cable in the installation and use in the process, in order to defend the outside factors of injury,in hinged insulated wire coated with a special protective layer,which in the cable is commonly called a sheath layer. Because the cable in the process of installation ,and use inevitably will be destroyed by the external forces and the environment factors, so sheath layer must has good tensile strength, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance etc. the performance, and it also to have certain plasticity for processing and flexible and convenient installation and use.

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