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Main Chatacters of Aluminum Foil Pans

Mar 30, 2016

Aluminium plate is a more widely used in tableware. The thickness of the foil container is generally between 0.04mm ~ 0.20mm, it can be divided into two kinds of wrinkle wrinkle-free.

Light weight aluminium plate products conform to and are in line with national food hygiene standards.  As aluminium can be endlessly recycled there is no waste in the process so is very cost effective. Production is relatively simple and convenient, the process creates no 'harmful substances, and does not pollute renewable resources. Aluminium lunch boxes are a high selling product line used in the retail food and cake industries. Production speed is high so it is easy to accommodate bulk customers orders. The grocery and food industry uses foil pans to present and market pre, partially cooked, or ready to eat food items. 

Aluminium foil pans can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to cater for most customers unique requirements.

When used this way, aluminium foil has outstanding barrier properties, even at quite thin tolerances this type of aluminium foil is completely gas and moisture proof, Thus, in plastic flexible packaging materials, aluminium foil is commonly used as barrier material because of its lightweight and ability to provide a safe, secure environment for the package contents. Obviously this is of prime importance in the food industry but is also of particular value to health and beauty industry.

Aluminium plate surface coating does not depend on the relationship between the thickness of aluminium foil.

Again,this aluminium plate is not only in line with national food hygiene standards for food containers but, more importantly, is produced to the international trend of environmental protection. Products can be directly put on the gas stove and microwave oven, used in  baking without fear of danger, providing even greater convenience for busy consumers.
Aluminium is recyclable, helps reduce pollution, conserves resources, it is a good choice for many of today’s environmentally aware consumers.  Use of aluminium foil in pans and for food storage has seen rapid development in recent years as the general public become more health conscious and turn away for the ubiquitous PVC containers,

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