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Do you konw transient voltage suppressor diode?

Mar 29, 2016

 Transient voltage suppressor diode is referred to as TVS,it is a highly efficient diode form protection device. When the poles of the transient voltage suppressor diode is reverse transient high impact energy, it can at a rate of 10 to the minus 12 second order, variable between the two poles of high impedance to low impedance, the absorption of up to a few kilowatts of power surge, between the two electrodes voltage clamp in a predetermined value,the transient voltage suppressor diode can effectively protect the electronic circuit of precision components, from damage of various surge pulse.
Because it has a response time is fast, high power transient, leakage current low breakdown voltage deviation, the clamp voltage is easy to control, no damage limit, small volume etc. advantages.

   The transient voltage suppressor diode is widely used in computer systems, communications equipment, AC / DC power supply, automotive, electronic ballast, household appliances, instruments and meters

The protection of (meter), RS232/422/423/485, I / O, LAN, ISDN, ADSL, USB, MP3 players, PDAs, GPS, CDMA, GSM, digital camera, common mode / differential mode protection, RF coupling / IC driver receives the protection, electromagnetic wave interference suppression, audio / video input, sensor / transmission, control circuit, a relay, contactor noise suppression in various fields.

   Transient voltage suppressor diode is the main model; XESD12VT23-3, IC network supermarket independent brand. High cost performance.

XESD12VT23-3 is an array of transient voltage suppression,which is designed to protect the components that are connected to the data and transmission lines, ESD protection (ESD), electrical fast transients (EFT), and lightning. All pins are divided into 20kV, using IEC 61000-4-2 to withstand method of anti static contact pulse emission.


1, the transient voltage suppressor diode is added in the signal and power line, it can prevent the microprocessor or microcontroller because of instantaneous pulse, such as electrostatic discharge effect,AC power surge and switching power supply noise caused by failure.

2, electrostatic discharge effect can release more than 60A, more than 10000V of the pulse, and the transient voltage suppressor diode can continue to 10ms; and the general TTL devices, encountered more than 10V of the 30ms pulse,it will lead to damage. Using TVS diode, can effectively absorb the pulse that can cause the device to damage, and can eliminate the interference caused by the switch between the bus (Crosstalk).

3, the TVS diode placed in the signal line and the ground room, can avoid the data and control bus is not necessary noise effects.


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