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Do you know the uk power cable?

Mar 29, 2016

   Do you know the uk power cable?And what the difference between uk power cable and usual power cable?Well,maybe the technology of uk power cable is more advanced,but put the uk power cable aside,now let's talk about the power cable rather than uk power cable.

   Power cable is used for cable transmission and distribution of electricity, power cable is used in the city underground power grid, power station leads to internal power supply enterprises and the river line, transmission line under the sea. In the power line cable, the proportion is gradually increasing. Power cable is in the main line of the electric power system for cable transmission and distribution of power, including the 1-500KV and above voltage level, various power cable insulation.

   The main classification

   According to the voltage level

   According to the voltage level,the power cable can be divided into low and medium voltage power cable (35 thousand volts and below), high voltage cable (above 110 thousand volts), EHV cables (275 to 800 thousand volts) and ultra high voltage cable (1 million volts and above). In addition, according to the current system,it can be divided into AC and DC cable cable.

According to the insulation material

1, oil impregnated paper insulated power cables with oil paper insulated power cable. The application of the longest history. It is safe and reliable, long service life, low price. The main drawback is laying drop restrictions. Since the development of a drop of tidewater dip paper insulated, to solve the gap restrictions, so that oil impregnated paper insulated cables can continue to be widely used.

2, plastic insulated power cable insulation power cable for the extrusion of plastics. Commonly used plastics are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, crosslinked polyethylene. The plastic cable has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture and processing, light weight,convenient laying and installation, and is not limited by the height of the laying. It is widely used for medium voltage cables, and replace the sticky impregnated oil paper cable.The biggest drawback is the presence of a branch breakdown phenomenon, which limits its use in higher voltage.

3, rubber insulated power cable insulation layer for the rubber plus a variety of coordination agent, after full mixing and extrusion in the conductive wire core, after heating and curing. It is soft and flexible, and it is suitable for the occasions of frequent movement and small bending radius.

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