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Do you know the function of rectifier?

Mar 29, 2016

 Do you know the function of rectifier?

   Rectifier is a rectifier unit, simply,it is a device which can transform the exchange (AC) into a direct current (DC).The function of rectifier: first,it can transform the alternating current (AC) into a direct current (DC), after the filter supply load, or supply inverter; second, to provide the battery charging voltage. Therefore, it also plays a role in the charger.

   What is the difference between a ballast and a rectifier

   A device that turns an alternating current into a direct current is called a rectifier. According to the function of rectifier,the rectifier can be divided into mechanical, electronic tube and semiconductor type. Inductance ballast is an iron core inductance coil, inductance, the nature is when a change in current in the coil, the coil will flux induced changes, resulting in the induction electromotive force, the direction and the current in the opposite direction,thus blocking current changes.
   The function of rectifier  

   A rectifier (rectifier) is a device that converts alternating current to direct current, which can be used for power supply and it for detecting radio signals.The rectifier can be composed of a vacuum tube, ignitron, solid silicon semiconductor diode,which is made of mercury arc etc.. Instead, a set of devices that convert the DC to AC power which is called "inverter" (inverter).
In the standby UPS,it only need to charge the battery, do not need to load power, it is only the charger. In the double UPS transform, the device not only for inverter power supply, and to charge the battery, it is known as the rectifier / charger.
Automobile generator produces alternating current through a rectifier after the entire variable to DC, but the waveform is still irregular fluctuations, a direct impact on the accuracy of vehicle ignition; output voltage is unable to maintain a relatively constant, resulting in each spark plug ignition energy difference,it easy to make the vehicle engine shake, shift and cadence, speed slow and weak, unstable idle speed and the car use air conditioning efficiency etc. situation. So as to greatly reduce the performance and service life of automotive electrical equipment; coupled with the old car of the aging circuit system.

   Circuit resistance pit about getting high impact,the vehicle will become increasingly evident. Electronic rectifier's role is to help eliminate the miscellaneous wave interference, stable output voltage and improve power system instantaneous discharge capacity, increasing output torque, speeding up the throttle response, extending battery life, saving the car engine start time, improving the ignition efficiency, especially for small displacement cars, the effect is more obvious.
Rectifier / charger should be AC input current limiting circuit, the AC input current is limited to the full of 115% of the input current. When the generator is supplied with an external low voltage signal which is judged to be a generating unit, the AC input current should be limited to 100% of the full load current.
   So do you know the function of rectifier?

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