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Do you know the computer power cables?

Mar 29, 2016

Do you know the computer power cables?

   Computer power cables are not precisely a class or a class, it should belong to the class of electric signal, computer power cables are a signal transmission cable.

   Computer power cables are used for cable transmission and distribution of electricity,computer power cables are used in the city underground power grid, power station leads to internal power supply enterprises and the river line, transmission line under the sea. In the computer power cables, the proportion is gradually increasing. Power cable is in the main line of the electric power system for cable transmission and distribution of power, including the 1-500KV and above voltage level, various power cable insulation.

   The use of power cable has been more than 100 years of history. In 1879, Thomas Edison, American inventor T.A. in brass bag around the jute and which is penetrated into the pipe.He will be the cable laying in New York, creating a underground transmission. The following year, the British Callender invented the asphalt impregnated paper insulated power cable. In 1889, the British S.Z. Ferranti laid between London and Deptford 10 thousand volt oil paper insulated cable. In 1908, the British built 20 thousand volt cable network. The application of power cable is more and more widely. In 1911, Germany built a 60 thousand volt power cable laying,they began the development of high voltage cable. In 1913, development phase composition shielded cable M. the Germans Hoch Stette, improve the electric field inside the cable distribution, eliminate the insulation surface tangent stress,it become a milestone in the development of electric power cable. In 1952, Sweden in the northern power plant equipped with a 380 thousand volt EHV cable, realizes the application of ultra high voltage cables. UHV power cables to the 80's has made 1 million 100 thousand volts and 1 million 200 thousand volts.

   The basic structure of the power cable comprises a wire core (conductor), an insulating layer, a shielding layer and a protective layer is composed of four parts.

   Wire core

   The wire core is a conductive part of the power cable, used to transport electricity, is the main part of power cable.

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