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Do you know the bridge rectifier ic?

Mar 29, 2016

 Bridge rectifier ic (circuit rectifying) is the AC power which can be converted to DC power circuit. Most of the bridge rectifier ic is composed of the transformer, the bridge rectifier ic ,main circuit and filter. It is widely used in the field of DC motor speed regulation, generator excitation regulation, electrolysis, electroplating and so on.

   Bridge rectifier icd is the main circuit, filter and transformer. After 1970s, the main circuit multi-purpose silicon rectifier diode and thyristor. The bridge rectifier ic is connected between the main circuit and the load, and is used for filtering the AC component of the pulsating DC voltage. Transformer settings or not depending on the specific circumstances. Transformer is the function of the AC input voltage and the DC output voltage between the matching between the power grid and the electrical isolation between the rectifier circuit.

   Rectifier circuit is the role of the AC buck circuit output voltage ,which is the rectification process of alternating current, rectifier circuit is mainly composed of rectifier diodes. After the rectifier circuit, the voltage is not an AC voltage, but a mixed voltage containing DC voltage and AC voltage.

Half wave rectifier using diode as one-way conduction characteristics, in the case of the standard sine wave input,the negative part of the loss.

Bridge rectifier ic is using four diodes, two two docking. Sine wave input is part of the two pipe is conducted to obtain the positive output; input sine wave negative part. The other two tube turn-on,due to the two tube is the reverse connection,so the output or sine wave to get the positive part. The efficiency of the bridge rectifier to the input sine wave is twice higher than that of the half wave rectifier. Bridge rectifier is the first step to convert alternating current to direct current.
Component device.

   The uncontrolled rectifier circuit is composed of uncontrollable diode, the circuit structure is certain after the ratio of the DC, rectification voltage and the AC power supply voltage value is fixed.

2) the semi control rectifier circuit is composed of controllable elements and diodes. In this circuit, the load power supply polarity can not be changed, but the average value can be adjusted.

3) in full controlled rectifier circuit, rectifying elements all are controllable (SCR, GTR, GTO), the output DC voltage average value and polarity can be through the control elements ,in this circuit, power can not only by the power transmitted to the load, it can also be by load feedback to the power, that is, the so-called active inverter.

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