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The introduction of the clever plastic bag manufacturer

Mar 29, 2016

The introduction of the clever plastic bag manufacturer

   Where there is people, there is clever plastic bag manufacturer.Why I call th cleve plastic bag manufacturer?Because since th plastic bags are prohibit in our contry,the clever plastic bag manufacturer begins to produce the all kinds of useful bags,so I say the clever plastic bag manufacturer.

   Non woven packing bag: it refers to the use of non-woven fabrics bags,they are generally used for packaging materials or other purposes.Non-woven bag not only can be used repeatedly, but also in the above printing and advertising,the loss rate of repeated use is low,it not only can save the cost, but also can bring the benefits of advertising.

   Oil proof paper bag is also known as the film bag,it is typically used to refer to the material for paper packing bag .It is mainly used for holding various kinds of fried snacks, such as chicken, pancakes, etc. various kinds of oily snacks dorayaki.At present most of people use the  kraft paper and oil as raw materials, there are a small part of the white paper.Ink using water-based ink, edible green and healthy, safe and secure. With the growing awareness of green environment protection, more and more people have realized the importance of preventing oil bag. So, paper and oil prospect is very bright. Oil proof paper bags instead of plastic bags and other packaging is also represent the general trend!

   Bag cloth bag shaped container refers to all other types of containers,relative,collapsible storage and other characteristics, has been widely used in various fields of social life.

The common bag according to different materials can be divided into: nylon bags,canvas bags, cloth bags, cotton bags, velvet bag, non-woven bag etc..

Nylon bag is using nylon as basic material, bag shaped container is made of nylon, the nylon bag is characteristic,it has the advantages of waterproof, lightweight and tough,reusable and it can be washed. The nylon bag material is durable, practical performance is extremely wide.

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