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The beautiful and small clear plastic bags

Mar 29, 2016

  Do you know the small clear plastic bags?Now let's talk about the small clear plastic bags.

   We have two kinds of commonly used small clear plastic bags:

1 high density polyethylene is used in supermarket shopping bags, and it feels very cool, very hard. Do not add color, the bag is very dim.

2. low density polyethylene,it is used for food packaging,and it feels soft,and it is one of small clear plastic bags.

   There is a PP or OPP package, bread and biscuits what the material is very smooth,they are both very transparent, but the seal is not very good, there is no tension.

There is some composite materials, such as packaging (very fine powdered milk or the like) is generally OPP and nylon composite.

PP is a stretch of small clear plastic bags. For the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, smooth and transparent.


   Easy to combustion and easy to flame to melt dripping,the small clear plastic bags should away from the fire smoke ,continue to burn.


   For stationery, electronics, metal products and other industries of packing. PP bag is a transparent color, excellent quality, good toughness, more strong, can not be cut. The processing cost of PP bag is very cheap.

   In our country, the transparent plastic bag is widely used in food industry, many families will buy food grade plastic bags and use them to hold food transparent. But the public understanding of the small clear plastic bags are relatively small, so I tried to use the plastic bags for convenience, because using the wrong transparent plastic bag is very dangerous,but it very inconvenient.

According to insiders, the transparent plastic bags on the market can be divided into three kinds of material,they are namely PP bags, plastic bags of high density and low density plastic bags (common vest bags).

   High density transparent plastic bag that is made using high density polyethylene, the plastic bags can not only high temperature, low temperature resistance. The high temperature resistant ability is poor than PP plastic bag,but it can be directly into the refrigerator, do not worry about the it is broken.

Low density transparent plastic bag is made of low density polyethylene,it is a common for vest bag, the bag can not withstand high temperatures,they are not resistant to low temperature,they can only be used at room temperature. Note that the low density transparent plastic bags will not only heat deformation,it will release toxins, so it can not be used for filling with hot food.

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