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Plastic bag suppliers should be careful

Mar 29, 2016

 The plastic bag suppliers should be careful

   Why the plastic bag suppliers should be careful?Because th environment pollution is more and more worse,so the plastic bag suppliers should be carefulto produce the plastic bag,and the plastic bag suppliers should decrease.

   Plastic is a very light material, with very low temperature heating you can make it become soft,it is easily made into various shapes. Plastic color, light weight, not afraid to fall, economic and durable, it has not only brought to people's lives a lot of convenience, but also greatly promoted the development of industry. The more commonly used for food plastic bags,the film is non-toxic,it can be used for food. There is a film for PVC, PVC itself is non-toxic,but the use of the additives according to the thin film is often harmful to human body,it has certain toxicity. So this type of film and plastic bags from the film do are not used for holding food.

   The plastic structure is stable,it is not easy to be natural microbial degradation in the natural environment in the long separation. This means that the waste plastic garbage if not recovered,it will become pollutants in the environment for a long time,and continue to accumulate,and then it will cause great harm to the environment.

   The plastic which we usually use is not a pure substance, it is formed by the preparation of many materials. The polymer (or resin) is the main component of plastic, in addition, in order to improve the performance of plastics, but also add various auxiliary materials in the polymer, such as filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, coloring agent,it can become the good performance of plastic. Plastic burns, burning poisonous gases. For example, toluene combustion produces a small amount of polystyrene, this substance can cause blindness, vomiting and other symptoms of inhalation, PVC combustion will produce toxic gases, hydrogen chloride in combustion,it is a high temperature environment,and it will lead to plastic decomposition of toxic components, such as benzene etc.

   Types of plastic bags

   (1) high pressure polyethylene plastic bag

   (2) low pressure polyethylene plastic bags

   (3) PP plastic bag

   (4) PVC plastic bags

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