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Guide for the use of jewelry packaging boxes

Mar 29, 2016

 Production of jewelry packaging boxes are based on the invention of the jewelry, generally use multi interval type design, to prevent unnecessary scratches in contact jewelry, jewelry box will according to the special shape and special material, and in the internal structure of the differences.

   Brief introduction of jewelry packaging boxes:Paraphrase it is generally used soft material lining, and contains the oxidation resistance and wear resistance of fiber, to prevent the jewelry wear appearance wearing the appropriate styles key or password lock to protect jewelry.

   Cortical jewelry packaging boxes:The combination of fashion elements and classical atmosphere, it is permeated with a strong modern flavor. It is generally divided into crocodile Pizhu box, plain Pizhu box, they are more representative.
   Wooden jewelry packaging boxes:

   Guide for the use of jewelry packaging boxes:

   A special ring pad for fixing and protecting your baby ring, it usually consists of a set of bar flannel spongy cushion. In addition to place the ring, it is used to put Cufflinks or earrings,which is also a good choice.

   Earrings to fix the hole / Earrings fixed pad: it is specially used for fixing and protecting your earrings jewelry, usually in the separator configuration Earrings hole to fixed earrings or the box cover is arranged in the position of earrings set aside.

   Butterfly card cover pad: it is usually in a lattice built between a block with butterfly card cloth. It is used to cover your baby jewelry. Butterfly card can only as a starting point. It can also be used to wrap your slender necklace, prevent slide freely; or to a hierarchical role, to separate your small ornaments from.

   Watch pack / Bracelet Pack: it is specially used for securing your bracelet or watch.

   Necklace hook:It is specially used for fixing the Hook Necklace: protect your bracelets and necklaces, which are usually in the form of snap or hook. The following configuration usually an opening with an elastic band pocket, containing dangling necklace.

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