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Do you know the customized plastic bags?

Mar 29, 2016

 Do you know the customized plastic bags?The customized plastic bags are special.And the usual plastics are easy to pollute the environment when they are compared with the customized plastic bags,so we should use the customized plastic bags,and the customized plastic bags can be repeated used.

   Plastic bag is an essential item in people's daily life, and it is often used to hold other articles. Because of its cheap price,lightweight,so it is widely used in our life,but because of the disadvantages of plastic bags, it is difficult to deal with by some countries prohibit.

In 1845,Switzerland chemist Cybertron once at home doing experiments,accidentally he touched the table of concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, he quickly picked up the wife's apron to wipe the table of mixed acid.Cybertron returned to the lab with the "great discovery" and repeat "accident". After many tests, Cybertron finally found the cause: cellulose is the main component of the original cloth apron, it with concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid mixture contact to generate a cellulose nitrate fat, which is later used a wide range of nitrocellulose.

"Cotton" is one of the materials which is used in photography, it is a kind of nitrocellulose solution,in alcohol and ether nitrate cellulose solution. When it is used for the photosensitive chemicals,to produce the equivalent of similar to today's photographic film.

Chinese plastic annual output is 3 million tons,the consumption is more than 6 million tons.If the plastic bag is 15 per cent a year, in the world volume of plastic waste is 15 million tons, China's plastics waste is more than 100 million tons,the wasted plastic in the garbage proportion accounted for 40%, such a large number of wasted plastics are buried in the ground, no doubt to the lack of farming land will bring greater pressure.

Plastic brings convenience to people's lives, the plastics which are cuased by people is known as "white pollution".

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