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Industrial uses of Gold Aluminium Foil

Mar 29, 2016

Is a high-grade aluminium foil packaging material which can replace a large area of standard, hot silver stamped foil. When printed it has a magnificent gold lustre and appeal which marketers and brands use to increase the attractiveness and “perceived” quality and value of their packaged products. It is widely used in luxury goods trademarks and packaging where the brand is seeking to convey and upmarket image. It may also be used in food and pharmaceutical packaging applications, the field is very wide.

Gold aluminium foil commonly used in high-end food packaging, such as chocolate, sweets impulse or luxury items. Gold foil can also be used for decoration, insulation, sound insulation and fire protection. It is easy to process, clean and care for but of course, is most valued for its ability to create an appearance or illusion of luxury or class.

A composite of foil and plastic film results in resistance to high-temperatures so is used in products designed for cooking, such as cooking cooking bags Once cooked, food can be packaged in multi-layer composite film, ideally suited for biscuits, snacks, drinks and other small food packaging.

In recent years, the foil packaging range has expanded its applications to include the promotion of foreign pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, health care products packaging. Increasing demand has driven improvements in China's aluminium  printing technology and this continues to improve having now reached the point where double-sided aluminium foil surface can be printed. Printing is no longer restricted to one colour products, but it is now possible also to print text patterns of multicoloured varieties of colourful.  This becomes a useful tool in product display cabinets where products wrapped in imitation gold foil and other colours are displayed in front of consumers, which when combined with the right PR and product description creates a sense of luxury or class in consumers.
At present China's construction, home improvement industry has created a decorative foil application boom.

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