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You should have desk chairs with wheels

Mar 28, 2016

   Computer desk chairs with wheels can move freely,in fact,the desk chairs with wheels can be used in a variety of places,the desk chairs with wheels are convenient.
Of course,some friends encounter the desk chairs with wheels are not good,so they may feel the desk chairs with wheels are not convinent,but in fact as long as you choose good quality,this problem occurs or not,do not so afraid of the desk chairs with wheels.
   Without wheels is generally to arch frames based,it is mainly used in the conference room or reception chair, many bosses don't like employees during the meeting is still moving in, so there will be a specially cooked a conference chair name.Now there are a lot of 90 boss are very trendy,they are like the staff during the meeting, many active points and you would like to directly with the belt wheel of the conference chair.

   Types of materials:

1) ordinary plastic feet: the basic elimination, poor quality and reliability. Most of the chairs are in use. Due to the recycling of plastic, such products are relatively environmentally friendly.

2) nylon plastic feet: now a lot people are using it,it has best quality and more grades.If the wheels Ipomoea is not installed, with a brick to five claw pad, weighing about 1.5 tons of car, wheel in Ipomoea pressure, or pressure continuous,quality completely at ease.Due to the recycling of plastic,such products are relatively environmentally friendly.

3) steel iron feet (paint, electroplating): easy rust, easy welding cracking.

4) wooden feet: hob, wood surface decoration only.

5) aluminum alloy foot

   Tuibei test is through the test machine on the back of the chair back to exert a certain force,it is a chair back tilting press. The purpose is mainly to test the ability of each part of the chair to withstand extrusion.

   DXRACER, as an overseas sales of computer chair brand, in addition to successfully extended to the computer seat and game support and other products,it has also been a lot of racing players and game players love and recognition.In recent years,with its strong concept of quality and "people-oriented" professional design in the major football field, as the official sponsor of the stadium seat.Since its cooperation with the Serie A League, its comfortable seat sense and popular design elements won the fans welcome, which at home and abroad set off a wave of DXRACER.

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