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What the best ergonomic office chairs are?

Mar 28, 2016

What the best ergonomic office chairs are?The best ergonomic office chairs must have the best design,the best ergonomic office chairs also must have the best sitting feeling,so would you buy some best ergonomic office chairs?

   You may also find that in one day you will unconsciously "dance" in a chair ". First of all, you want to sit well, good posture,but gradually feel uncomfortable,the hips began to move forward slowly, and then the whole person collapsed in a chair. "C" type is not comfortable to take a long time, so after a while you sit straight again to start the cycle.

The leg angle corrected,the angle is reduced to 130 degrees,it can automatically correct the lumbar spine, manufacturers generally sit with lumbar support.If you have never tried kneeling chair, sit up will feel very different. Your upper body will naturally erect, a little bit of effort, the spine to form a perfect "S" - shaped. At this time, although the chair back may also be a little useful, but it does not have to.

Standard ergonomic sitting position is recommended: feet flat on the ground,the thigh parallel to the ground, the upper body upright or backward slightly inclined.

   If we follow this advice, we will certainly be against the standard of 130 degrees. Tilting back slightly wrong in itself.Long time forced to maintain a line with the spine head so sitting more uncomfortable, so often the last head forward.But the head so forward,for a long time,a loss to say no to the neck, right itself in this position.

Good posture second important principles are:it is your bones in supporting your weight, not your meat. Like the support beam construction, your skeleton is meant to support the weight of the body. The two main points of support when sitting the hips and feet.

The hip is two points by the sciatic force to support your body, so no matter what time, when you sit should put weight concentrated in the two point sciatic.

   You should let the force balance between them. Kneeling chairs in this doing is not good, the weight should be through the tibial reached cushions to reach equilibrium.

   To summarize, the ideal posture should be:

Between 1 and 130 degrees

   2.weight balance on sit bones.

   3. The foot flat on the ground (or if it is kneeling chair, knees, and parallel to the ground), weight balanced distribution between the front foot sole and heel

   4 body vertical, head and spine in a line

   Now ,maybe the information will hepe you when you buy the best ergonomic office chairs.

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