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There are many pretty office chairs

Mar 28, 2016

 Office chair, English chair office, refers to the daily work and social activities for the convenience of the work of a variety of chairs. Officemate office partners will office chair points during work table in the sitting position with the sitting chair on broad sense and narrow sense. The pretty office chairs are, general office chair for all used in office chairs, including Ceo chair, Zhongban chairs, reception chairs, staff chair, conference chair, visitor chairs, training chairs.

Office chair, office chair, the narrow definition is refers to the people carries on the work table in the sitting position with the sitting chair, broadly defined as all the chairs in the office, including Ceo chair, Zhongban chairs,reception chairs, staff chair, conference chair,pretty office chairs, visitor chairs, training chair, ergonomic chair

   Such as. 1, pretty office chairs: single seat for indoor use. 2: and swivel seat surface which can rotate in the horizontal direction of the preety office chairs. 3, according to the pretty office chairs adjustment way classification:

   type I: pretty office chairs seat and backrest can be adjusted;

   II: only the chair back angle adjustable office chair; office chair adjustment: the relative position and angle of the chair back, a seat, handrails are not adjustable office chair.

Basic composition

1: casters: ordinary casters, PU wheel (soft material,it is suitable for wood flooring, and room).

2: chair legs: Iron thickness directly affects the service life of the chair. Surface treatment: polishing, painting, paint, surface gloss, not easy to paint), electroplating (wood can not electroplating, plating quality good, not easy to rust.

3: the gas rod: also called the extension, to adjust the height of the pretty office chairs and rotation.
4: chassis: hold the chair seat part, the bar is connected with gas.

5: chair seat: by the board, sponge, fabric composition.
6: armrest: thickness affect the quality.

7: the seat connection (corner): the seat and backrest is split, connected by pipe or plate, plate, usually 6mm and 8mm thick. But the width is less than 6cm of the steel plate, must be 8mm thick.

8: chair: steel frame, plastic frame chair, made of cloth combined with permeability.

9: waist pillow: reflect the comfort of the chair.

10: head pillow: the performance of the comfort of the chair.


   From the material composition of view about the pretty office chairs,the pretty office chairs can be divided into: leather office chair, PU leather office chair, office chair of cloth, mesh chair, plastic office chair.

   From the use of type,the pretty office chairs can be divided into: the boss chair, chair, staff chair, director chairs, conference chairs, reception chairs, ergonomic chair.

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