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The introduction of the ergonomic computer chairs

Mar 28, 2016

 To buy ergonomic computer chairs might be a very confusing thing, but if you know the good ergonomic computer chairs'standard ,you don't have to spend some unnecessary gimmicks and money,and you will get the best ergonomic computer chairs.

The purpose of this guide is to tell you the key choice ergonomic computer chairs to understand how we are "sitting". "Sitting" looks very simple, but even some professional human engineering workers rarely know "sit" is how to work, how should be ergonomic computer chairs to sit. When you understand how to "sit" at this point, you should be able to confidently buy a good chair, and know that you bought the chair is very comfortable,but the ergonomic computer chairs also can relieve the pain caused by sedentary.

   Seat manufacturers know that consumers generally buy a chair in the chair will average only about 8 minutes, and then decide whether to buy. Unfortunately, a chair to sit on the 8 minute sit all day feeling and the feeling is different. For example, some of the chairs sit will sink,like sitting in the clouds like very soft, very good lumbar support, very comfortable. But when you sit on it for a day, you will find that the ass will be very stiff, and sometimes there will be pain in the coccyx. Also, you may find that when you sit, the body leaning forward, there is no use of waist care. So, buy a chair can not only depend on the time to try to sit a little while feeling.

   "Sitting" is how to work

   Before we begin, we need to have a correct view of the fact that the human body is used to exercise, not to sit. Even when it's time to sit, it's good for you to move on. So many ergonomic brands, such as Humanscale and Varier, to seize this, their "Movement Active" series of products on the move to encourage the move.
The most important position is the angle between the legs and the waist. May be due to the human body are used to standing or walking, running and jumping the sake of, the most natural leg angle is 130 DEG, with the same stride walking legs and the waist of the angle. In addition, the astronauts in space zero gravity environment and the angle is 130 degrees.

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