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The introduction of orthopedic office chair

Mar 28, 2016

With the development of economy, modern office furniture is getting more and more specialized, functional;with ergonomics theory's development, prompting modern office furniture renewal speed to accelerate,orthopedic office chair is engineering research fruits.The orthopedic office chair of orthopedic office chair is good,when it is compared with the ordinary office chair in the end, what is the difference?

   First,adjust the function

   Ordinary chair can only meet the ordinary users to daily use, and each part can not be stiff with the body to make corresponding changes, and orthopedic office chair is different,it will try to adapt to the body's natural shape, subdivide down these points:

The head is adjustable;

The arm is capable of lifting, and it can be multi - level movements, so that the hand and the body can keep the best position with the ground and computer tables;

Attached to the back backrest can be better, in the long time work at the desk,it can effectively link spinal fatigue;
Be equipped with lifting function;

The length and the width and the height of the chair seat must be in accordance with the use of special custom crowd. Shanghai office furniture Devan Lipp focused on the study of the physical characteristics of Asians, the various models of human body engineering chairs have super adaptability.

Human form is not straight line, which is the biological form of the decision. First of all, we need to put the seat design into a biological form or curve type, from the visual or tactile sense, this is a symbol of human form.In the Aeron seat, you can not find any straight line.

   The orthopedic office chair is designed very generous, unique, fashion, and the orthopedic office chair is widely used in the modern family, entertainment, Internet cafes, hotels, leisure, conference room, office computer desk of a new type of environmental health chair. The design principle of the orthopedic office chair releases of natural, human nature regulation,the orthopedic office chair is suitable for a variety of regulatory body; the material on the use of environmentally is a friendly materials.

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