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The introduction of oak home office furniture

Mar 28, 2016

 Oak home office furniture is a kind of solid wood furniture which is popular in furniture market,the oak home office furniture uses oak as raw materials,the oak home office furniture is refined by modern woodworking. Oak furniture production base mainly concentrated in Jiangxi, Guangdong nankang.Oak home office furniture has natural clear texture,the wood is hard and durable,so it is favored by the vast number of consumers.

The editor is to profile oak home office furniture made of material.Oak prolific in the northern hemisphere,there are few high-quality oak in china.So many high-end are only through the channels of processing imported oak furniture,thus resulting in the domestic price of more expensive oak furniture.

Oak home office furniture has a total of more than 600 varieties and its continuity is hard wood, texture clear, furniture made of very durable, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

   Appearance,the quality of oak home office furniture can be comparable with the mahogany furniture, but the price of oak home office furniture is far lower than that of mahogany furniture,it attracted a lot of consumers. Oak is the largest use in foreign countries to do Wine brewing oak barrels, because the delicate texture, with good water resistance.

   In China, the oak is usually made of European luxury furniture, especially white oak texture.

The advantages and disadvantages of oak home office furniture

   When you purchase of oak furniture,be sure to carefully understand the advantages and disadvantages under the oak furniture:

Hard oak wood, natural and clear texture of Yamagata, furniture is made of strong stability, strong and durable;oak processing performance is good,it is suitable for used to create a European style furniture.

2. Oak texture rough easy processing, coating effect is good, so it is widely used as base materials for interior decoration, furniture, floor, and quality is legendary.

3.oak texture is hard,this is its advantages,but it also has shortcomings; in the production process is not mature, oak furniture more prone to deformation and cracking phenomenon.

4.oak home office furniture is more respected, so some bad businesses want to use "rubber wood" to mislead the public, consumers are not observed more easily deceived.

5.The oak wood quantity is little,at present mainly rely on imports,resulting in oak furniture prices,many favorite oak furniture people in the purchase of furniture always irresolute.

6.oak home office furniture is also a kind of wood furniture, in the use of the process, maintenance is also very important,a set of furniture with a few decades are not a problem.

Oak furniture have many advantages, but there are many shortcomings, xiabuyanyu, oak furniture overall is good. If you love European furniture, so oak furniture will be the best choice.

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