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The introduction of glass office furniture

Mar 28, 2016

 Do you know what the glass office furniture is?Do you like the glass office furniture?So do you want to buy a glass office furniture?

   Glass office furniture in general has the high hardness of glass and metal framework,the transparency of the glass is higher than the ordinary glass.High hardness durable tempered glass,it can withstand normal knock and pressure strength.

The glass office furniture is made of 20 mm or 25 mm thick,and the glass office furniture is a modern furniture decoration industry which has opened up a new territory. High hardness durable tempered glass and pressure strength,it will gradually dispel concerns consumers in the past, but more is the high technology and new building materials of the trendy furniture,it is usually equippt with school,the modern house, people who has a romantic and cultural heart is more easily attracted.

   New glass ofice furniture is also an important factor.

Glass sheets: glass sheets to be polished and polished, so that it is transparent and smooth, that is, the glass plate,high glass plate surface is not a ripple,the clear glass that is made of high-grade glass.

Curved glass:glass is in the mold after heating according to the weight of glass itself and bending,it is made by Xu and Lenghou.

Colored glass: glass is a glass containing metal oxide,it is different from metal oxide and it makes the glass with different color,it is said that the tea glass is a glass which contains two iron oxide.

The glass mirror is made of glass plate: advanced, non corrugated surface,it is suitable for the back mirror and vertical mirror cabinets etc..

Tempered glass: flat glass is heated to the softening point,in the glass surface of rapid cooling,so that compression stress distribution on the surface of the glass,and tensile stress in the center layer. Due to strong equal compression stress, the pressure generated lead tensile stress,it increases safety degree of the use of glass.The strength of reinforced glass is about 5 times of the ordinary glass. When the glass is destroyed by the external force, it becomes a big grain of beans, reducing the harm to the human body.Glass: in the surface of the flat glass using spray technology with the relevant technology,it is applicable to the dining table, cabinet doors, etc..

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