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The function of adjustable office chairs

Mar 28, 2016

The adjustable office chairs have been widely used in people's work and learning and production places. With human engineering in a certain extent,the adjustable office chairs are onducive to health.

   Usually have the following categories:

1) Ma Rong chair: adjustable office chairs, staff chairs.

2) mesh chair: a few years ago Zhongban chairs are popular ,conference chair, chair in front of the class,, such fabric chair has strong permeability, relatively suitable for sedentary. Has been widely used in the staff chair.

3) leather chair: chair up. Skin: leather, leather division.

4) anti-static chair: chair surface with anti-static, anti-static fabric and accessories or.


   According to the function of the adjustable office chairs,they can be divided into two kinds of computer chair:

1) ordinary computer chair

   Computer chair usually can only satisfy the ordinary users which usually uses the Internet, a short period of time;

2) human engineering computer chair

   To protect the waist

   Whether in the office or at home, sitting in front of the computer does not move to continuous combat is a lot of young people accustomed to. For a long time, there will be fuzzy eyes, backache, back pain and other problems. This is because if the computer chair and desk height can not match, very easy on the eyes and joint damage. You should be in time to pick adjustable office chairs for good.

"Computer family" in the home office, the game is more and more long, rigid, the equation of the routine office space has been unable to meet the needs of people. Therefore, a variety of colors, unique shape, easy to use, such as the development of personalized attention to the development of human nature,there are more and more adjustable office chairs, but only the shape or function is not enough. No matter in the home or in the office, the design of adjustable office chairs space must be rational based on the perceptual play, that is, both professional and personalized. Many people of the office chair height are not standard,it can let the body from pain freed. So, how to adjust the office chair to the "best state"? First, according to the nature of the work of the desk or the desk to adjust to the appropriate height. Because different desk height have different requirements for the seat position, sometimes even need a chair. Once the desk fixed height down, you can put the desk and body height as a "reference" to adjust the height of the chair.

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