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The classification of the furnituer desks

Mar 25, 2016

   The furnituer desks are a kind of commonly using furniture, a plane, a pillar.You can put it in what to do things,eat,write and work etc..A smooth flat plate, fixed by the support legs and other furniture, also in the language of the noun.
In order to meet the needs of the public,the furnituer desks type are variety. According to the needs of the furnituer desks,they can be divided into many categories,such as the desk, table, desk etc..

   Learning furnituer desks are made by Mr. Meng in 1997 as a product launch, because of the patent application is not appropriate, resulting in a situation of letting a hundred flowers blossom, constantly improve the formation of four points:
1, table 15.6 degree.2.elbow supporting plate.3,the height of the desk can be adjusted, 4, a bookshelf; vast majority of learning furnituer desks and the following: clip book plate, three shelves, the desktop can be leveling, elbow supporting plate can be folded down, desktop can lift, the desktop is a desk hole; the main to learning furnituer desks series products.
   Another unique design: Office plate slowly whereabouts and hands can not be clamped, clip book plate is easy to wipe message board, table legs glove side high quality plate,the learning furnituer desks are suitable for small age children to use the pedals and so on. The learning furnituer desks are designed to be able to put the computer model,which are called the computer learning desks.

   Material introduction

   Most learning furnituer desks for MDF, particleboard production for a few individual, half MDF semi pipe steel and wood structure and solid wood.

According to the plate surface materials mainly divided into PVC vacuum and melamine two.PVC vacuum appearance,environmental protection, water resistant, and feel comfortable, large investment of production equipment manufacturers,the manufacturers on behalf of a Guangdong Zhanjiang Qianlima and Shanghai upward.
Buy learning furnituer desks note if the formaldehyde emission test report, whether there is a real furniture certificate. Some manufacturers and sellers of the melamine cover panel said to fire board, fireproof board),it is a fraud,and verification of fire prevention board to see exposing to PVC welt cross-sectional, real fire in the trimeric cyanamide cladding thickness should be 0.6 mm (about a steel saw blade thickness) above.

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