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The beautiful solid wood office furniture

Mar 25, 2016

 Solid wood office furniture is the predecessor of the board office furniture.And combinate with a few pieces of sheet.It is imple and plain.

   Functional properties.The solid wood office furniture usage and the appearance of two functions.  

   Solid wood office furniture is mainly used for the general manager office,department manager room and company meeting room,in order to show the image of the company and outreach manager personality style.Solid wood office furniture products including desk,conference table and file cabinet three categories.

Solid wood office furniture is a series from the system,the color of furniture,appearance and environmental harmony,storage and other functions into one,constitute a unique office environment.

Solid wood office furniture is the predecessor of the office furniture.With the continuous improvement of people's living standards,it will be more practical.

   The original relatively simple plate type furniture, has been unable to meet the needs of the office environment. So in the wood surface paint,people use the leather pad or use steel legs, glass, hardware accessories,material selection with a more sophisticated and increased appearance of the sense of beauty and comfort.Solid wood furniture ranks the best ofice furniture,the appearance of luxury, Athens, reducing the natural wood grain,the surface color is bright and colorful, elegant generous, concise and lively.It belongs to the office furniture in the high-end series.
A look: real wood species rarely have beautiful lines. Hear: pure wood has its own special flavor, even after long-term storage or finishing remain smell, pine resin flavors such as cypress have light incense, cedar, spicy.Camphor wood will have obvious smell of camphor, and artificial plate will have a very strong smell of chemical materials, such as formaldehyde.Three knock: solid office wood furniture will be issued crisp sound, and artificial plate is a low voice, box of wood will be issued Dong drums. Four weigh: a lot of solid wood office furniture is particleboard, MDF furniture lighter.

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