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The basic structure of steam carpet cleaners

Mar 25, 2016

      According to the structure of the steam carpet cleaners can be divided into vertical, horizontal and portable. The working principle of the steam carpet cleaners is driven by a motor, blades to rotate at a high speed, the air pressure in a sealed shell, absorbing dust.

      The basic structure of the steam carpet cleaners according to the function is divided into the following sections:
1, the power part:

steam carpet cleaners motor and governor. Governor control and machine control to break up.

2,filtering system:

Dust bag,Pre filter,After the filter.According to different filter materials and paper, cloth, SMS, HEPA, filter material.

3,functional parts:

Take-up mechanism, dusty instructions, button or slide switch.

4,protective measures:

Dustless bag protection, high vacuum protection, anti interference protection, overheat protection, anti-static protection.

A handle and a hose, pipe, brush, flat suction, round brush, brush, sofa, bed sheets, sucking hook strap.

      The principle of steam carpet cleaners, steam carpet cleaners impeller in high speed motor driven impeller in high speed air exhaust fan, while the air cleaner in constantly added fan. This can form high pressure with the outside world. Suction nozzle of dust, dirt with the air is inhaled dust absorbing part, and after leak detector leakage, dust, dirt collecting and dust barrel within.

      The steam carpet cleaners is mainly by dust, dust, dust filter is composed of three parts, which generally includes string induced commutator motor, centrifugal fan, dust filter and vacuuming accessories. The steam carpet cleaners can remove dust, mainly because of its "head" is equipped with an electric fan. The rotating shaft of the fan impeller, electricity, ventilation opportunity to 500 times per second speed generate strong suction and pressure, under the effect of suction and pressure, high speed air discharge, and air blower front suction part constantly supplement fan in the air, resulting in cleaner inside the vacuum generating instantaneous, and the outside atmospheric pressure forming negative differential pressure, this pressure difference, inhaled dust containing air. Dust and debris sequentially through the carpet or floor brush, long pipe, elbow pipe, hose, hose connectors into the bag dust filter, the retention of dust and debris in the dust filter bag, air through the filter after purification, from the tail of the body discharge.

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