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The office chair and blue leather office chair

Mar 25, 2016

   The blue is a beautiful color,and do you have a blue leather office chair?Maybe you think it is very cool,but the blue leather office chair can damage your health if you use the blue leather officr chair for a long time.Although the blue leather office chair has a pretty performance,but you'd better not buy the blue leather office chair.  
   Office chair, English name is office chair,it is a variety of chairs that daily work and social activities to facilitate the work with the.

Armrest: thickness affect the quality.

1: the seat connection (corner): the seat and backrest is split,it is connected by pipe or plate, plate, usually 6mm and 8mm

thick.But the width of it is less than 6cm thick steel plate,it must be 8mm.

2: chair: steel frame, plastic frame chair,it is made of cloth combined with permeability.

3: the waist pillow: reflect comfort chair.

4: head: comfort chair.

Office chair consumption is mainly concentrated in three categories of people: first,the purchase of the enterprise; two is the government procurement; three is the school procurement; four is the common people's family (study).
But now the proportion of government procurement is still not big enough,it is mainly concentrated in the purchase of enterprises, accounting for the main force.

   Handling should lift light light,we should pay special attention to avoid collision.

After sitting position and edge to beat is often sedentary, make restitution, and reduce depression phenomenon due to recoil concentrate.
When placed in the dermis,it should be far away from the heat and should avoid direct sunlight,it is strictly prohibited under the sun exposure.

Do not rub in the usual cleaning, so as not to damage the skin. For a long time or accidentally stained leather sofa, office chair, usable cloth dipped in the proper concentration of soap and water (or washing powder, the moisture content of 40% ~ 50%) scrub. After use clean water, with a clean cloth. Do not use harsh detergent (such as detergent, chemical solvent turpentine, gasoline or other inappropriate cleaning liquid).

Office chair

   When use it you should be as far as possible so that the center of gravity in the pressure rod ,to ensure the pneumatic lifting rod of portable and flexible rotation; after a long time with the office chair you should often check on the screw if loose, spring and the knob is loose, spring should be according to the user's own weight adjust elastic force to the back of the chair back freely .

Prohibited in the armrest sofa, office chair seat or placing heavy objects.

In strict accordance with the instructions to maintain regular office chairs, so as to prolong its service life.

Don't put the chair as the sun placed too long, it will make some plastic aging, hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon.

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