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Some stories about pretty desk chairs

Mar 25, 2016

   This is a story about pretty desk chairs of a child.

   Once upon a time, there was a child. He had many pretty desk chairs. He loved them very much, but the desk and the chair were not happy, because the desk did not like the child to write with it, the chair does not like the child to sit on it.

One day,the desk said to the chair: "the master writes with us, we are very uncomfortable, we must think a way to let the master not have us." The chair said: "I have a way, you put a knife in my body, when his master sat, cut broken his ass, you're shaking vigorously body, master pull you, will not help in your office, also do not take me." The table said, "if the Lord will not sit with you, you will shake it."." The chair said, "well, that's all."!"

The second day, but the child still did not sit a chair, the chair shakes, but a knife is inclined, the chair was cut a piece of leather. And the table shake is too strong, put yourself down, broke a leg. The table chair a bad idea to scold, blame the idea put forward the table chair. And no one has a reason.

Later, a desk and a chair know previous practice is wrong,their function is host to write with later, not with the children against , honestly let children to write with the pretty desk chairs.

   There is another story about the pretty desk chairs.  

   The pretty desk chairs were intended to be the opponent,small owner's home since they are not enemies.Because the master became their enemy. The master is not love them, on the table face it is chaos chaos, it also with a knife. In this way, the table is a big Erhualian, there are many injuries on the face. The chair can be worse, a foot of the chair was to kick off the master. The master does not give him, but put a stick propped. One day, a desk and a chair had a plan,they decided to let the young master suffer. Then,they let the brothers down crutch chair.Just then, a perky little master came back, him to a chair to sit, "beep" sound, the master fell legs in the air, sitting on the ground straight sore. And in the exam a when, this piece of examination paper master should is full, since there is a slit in the middle of the table, the examination paper was torn, the teacher gave him a D. The master took the papers at regret. For a while, the table said: "little master, we are your tools, you can't do that to us." The chair said: "yes, if you put my feet up, you won't fall." The table said: "if you cut my face smooth, you can't write when paper is broken." The table said: "little master, if you do not harm us, you will not be so much pain." The table and chair said: "if you drive us to repair, we will forgive you." The master said: "well, I know I was wrong, I won't do it any more for you." Later, a desk and a chair is no longer what damage. The master also more care of them.


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