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Principle and application of commercial steam cleaners

Mar 25, 2016

  Commercial steam cleaners, also known as saturated steam cleaning machine, it is with a saturated steam of high temperature and high voltage, parts of the surface of the dirt and grease cleaning and the vaporization of a cleaning equipment. Commercial steam cleaners can clean any small gaps and holes, separating and removing grease and residue, and meet the requirements of efficiency, water saving, clean, dry, low cost, instead of expensive dry ice cleaning.

     The advantages of commercial steam cleaners cleaning are to save water, it is reduce the use of various cleaning agents, environmental protection,and safety.

     First, we look at the commercial steam cleaners working principle: saturated steam machine machine is environmentally friendly and energy efficient industrial cleaning equipment. Gaseous saturated steam under high temperature and high pressure to the cleaned surface capture and dissolve stubborn grease dirt, and the evaporation, so almost all of the oil are to resist the power of saturated steam, so as to achieve efficiency, water saving, environmental protection, statically, drying, sterilization, passivation, phosphating. To ensure that the surface is cleaned to clean state. The principle of commercial steam cleaners is generated by high temperature steam and speed up the dirt surface resistance molecular velocity, by destroying the binding force between them to remove stubborn stains, also will be attached on the body of a variety of bacteria, mites, microbes and pathogens completely eliminated. Steam cleaning machine attached to the nozzle, a brush and other convenient features of parts, without any cleaning agent of the concept of environmental protection,its rapid decontamination sterilization efficiency.

     Secondly, we look at the saturated of commercial steam cleaners application: Commercial steam cleaners machine application field is very extensive, such as milling machine cleaning, CNC machine tools and foundry equipment cleaning and injection molding machine cleaning. Mechanical and electrical devices and pneumatic, hydraulic components cleaning can in a very short time to clean. Oil, grease, graphite or other stubborn dirt cleaning by dry steam can be easily resolved, can also be used for high temperature disinfection work.In many cases, the commercial steam cleaners can completely replace the expensive way of dry ice cleaning.

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