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Is a red compuuter chair crazy?

Mar 25, 2016

 Did you have the mind of possessing a red computer chair?Is a red compuuter chair crazy?Maybe you think the red compuuter chair is too fresh to work.But I think the red compuuter chair can make us energetic because the red color.So would you buy a red compuuter chair?

   Now today let's talk about all kinds of computer chairs.

   Computer chairs have been widely used in people's work and study and production sites. Has a certain ergonomic,it is conducive to health.

According to the function can generally be divided into two kinds of computer chairs:

   1) general computer chair

   Computer chairs can only be used to meet the normal use of ordinary users, such as the short time of the internet;

   2) human engineering computer chair

   A good computer chair should not only sit comfortably, but also in the vertical and horizontal direction should have a higher degree of freedom, that is, the larger the amplitude can be adjusted.

Choose a comfortable chair is crucial. The chair has double pneumatic function, can adjust the chair height, pitch angle and adjustable seat.

Cushion, strain of lumbar muscles who can play the role of mitigation, but also have a lot of attention when using cushion. The first cushion must be put in the waist, on the back is invalid. This is because the normal human spinal a total of three physiological curvature, due to physiological needs ,they do not grow in a straight line, convex backward thoracic and cervical and lumbar protruding forward, viewed from the side, spine like two s connection. Because of the physiological characteristics, the waist and back can not be placed in the same plane.

Therefore, computer is used to sit, if in the waistis put on a cushion,it can make the waist to be effective supporting, maintain lumbar physiological flexion, pressure balanced lumbar, lumbar muscle, alleviate the strain, increase comfort, prevent and improve lumbar discomfort and to stabilize the spine .

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