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How to choose the best home office chairs?

Mar 25, 2016

   How to choose the best home office chairs?

   Health is priceless, so buy comfortable and best home office chairs is very important. In simple terms, the so-called human engineering is to use the "people-oriented" philosophy of science to design products. Because each person's body is different,so it has ergonomic design elements of the products have a number of regulatory function, through the regulation make the products suitable for user's size and habit, to let the body comfort and health.

   Dabao Li suggest you focus attention on the following 7 considerations in the selection of the best home office chairs:
   1,the seat height determines the leg's comfort

   The best home office chairs have the function of lifting,lifting function is the most important part is the gas lift rod,so when you purchase the best home office chairs,you should ask the businesses what is the brand of the best home office chairs? If there is no safety certification?Followed by inspection of lifting function is able to let the seat in any position quickly hovering,because each user's height is fixed,there is only a best hight of the best home office chairs,the user can not miss the position.The third is the cushion hover at what height is the most appropriate? Ergonomics told us,when the feet relaxed flat on the ground,at the foot of the wrist to keep about a 90 degree angle;the angle between the thigh and the lower leg,it is namely the angle of the knee is roughly rectangular. At the same time, the seat height is most appropriate;if the seat is too low, the knee will be a thigh part out of the saddle.Systemic stress is concentrated in the buttocks monk and seat contact part of the thigh, unchanged in the upper part of the body weight, reduce the pressure area,increase lower limb fatigue feeling of discomfort.

   2,the seat of the depth determines the lower pressure and Lumbar health in ergonomic office chairs, the seat plays an important role of the depth of the users , but the best home office chairs is often ignored by most people. If the seat is too short, thigh near the knee part will be vacant, increases the pressure in the hips and thighs cause discomfort; if the seat is too long, back and on to the back cushion, the lumbar spine can not be lumbar pillow top,the waist will be natural bent forward tilt, "prawn" the same sitting posture for a long time will cause lumbar muscle strain, produce the so-called lumbar disease.

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