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How to choose office chairs ergonomic?

Mar 25, 2016

 How to choose office chairs ergonomic?

   More and more people every day spend a long time in contacting comuters,such as white-collar workers, business people and mental workers,every day sitting in front of the computer and they don't move,the body to maintain long-term simple and repetitive posture,it greatly affects the muscles of the back and neck muscles,and will affect the human body blood circulation, damage the human digestive system operation,disrupting the body metabolism, but also threaten the skeletal health.

   For a long time in this way, it is likely to gradually suffering from many kinds of diseases, cervical vertebra disease, lumbar vertebra disease, scapulohumeral periarthritis, for work and life bring trouble. How to prevent cervical disease it? There are all sorts of online statement, the most important is from the root cause to proceed, the best solution is to reduce the lumbar and cervical spine muscle burden, from cervical spondylosis, recommend the use of ergonomic computer chair to solve this problem.

A good working chair, it should be flexible and flexible, that can be used in accordance with the requirements of the environment and personal habits to adjust the details. According to the work posture,the office chairs ergonomic should meet the following one by one corresponding several requirements.

How to choose office chairs ergonomic?

   three "back" to adjust

   A total of three normal human spinal physiological curvature, due to physiological needs they do not grow in a straight line, thoracic back convex, cervical and lumbar protruding forward. So,the reasonable design office chairs ergonomic have the following two points should be for human back:

   1, on the back of the office chairs ergonomic should have a surface can be adjusted to achieve the convex on thoracic support;

   2, the back waist with the office chairs ergonomic have adjustable waist for lumbar lordosis support.

   3, adjustable neck support. For people who need to often thrown back to relax neck and head users, cervical collar height and angle decided your cervical vertebra fatigue ,and reasonable of the neck supporting height should be the cervical supports adjustment ,in the third section of the cervical spine to the seventh day in order to be a necessary support cervical, relieve the fatigue of the cervical spine.

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