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How to choose an office executive chair?

Mar 25, 2016

 How to choose an office executive chair?

   Office executive chair,English chair office,it is refers to the daily work and social activities for the convenience of the work of a variety of chairs. Officemate and office partners divided the office chair points during work table in the sitting position with the sitting chair into broad sense and narrow sense. The narrow office executive chair,it is a general office chair for all used in office chairs, including Ceo chair, Zhongban chairs, reception chairs,staff chair, conference chair,visitor chairs,training chairs.
Office executive chair consumption is mainly concentrated in three categories of people: first, the purchase of the enterprise; two is the government procurement; three is the school procurement; four is the common people's family (study).

   But now the proportion of government procurement is still not big enough,it is mainly concentrated in the purchase of enterprises, accounting for the main force.

Clean attention

A: first of all, of course, is to understand the material of office chair,but general office chair feet to wood and iron based, the surface of the stool is leather or fabric,in the cleaning method of different material chair cleaning not quite the same.

Two: if the office executive chair.

   If there is a fading case water; dirty when available lukewarm water, let dry naturally.

3: solid wood office executive chair legs, you can directly wipe with a dry cloth, then play some detergent, do not use too wet cloth to wipe, and then to exposure to dry, that would let wood inner decay accelerating of.

Four: the stool cleaning method of office executive chair is generally cloth spray cleaner, wipe gently. Dirty words can use warm water with detergent. Don't brush fierce wipe, then the cloth is easy to look very old.

A good chair, should meet the following criteria:

Must be equipped with adjustable height device and flexible 360 degree rotation of the basic functions.

Seat depth and width dimensions need to be correctly,the leading edge of the chair maintain an arc vertical extension,you also should choose breathable good fiber cloth.

With the support body, eliminate back tension fatigue.

With the design of waist size curve, to prevent the lumbar spine bone change arch, and protect the function of lumbar vertebrae.

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