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Do you want the most comfortable office chairs?

Mar 25, 2016

  Do you want the most comfortable office chairs.The ergonoic chair is one of the most comfortable office chairs.And what do you think the the most comfortable office chairs?

   For the gens going to work,the the most comfortable office chairs can let the exhausted body get better relaxation, however,the suitable office chair height is the key,whether office chair height.Everyone's size and shape are not the same, we will for their due to always choose the height of the chair.Starting from the working time, we need to sit in the office chair a long day at work, if there is no proper posture, long-term and so on will affect the physical health. Therefore, it is a correct sitting posture and a suitable seat height is very important. Office chair height refers to the seat surface to the surface of the vertical distance, if there is a seat after the tilt or a concave arc-shaped seat high refers to seat front and center point to the surface of the vertical distance.The height of the seat is different from the height of the individual. Seat too high will feet dangling touch the ground, the weight will be pressure vessel thigh, hinder the body's blood circulation, easy to produce the sense of general fatigue and numbness in the legs; high low calf to pressure from thigh support, a long time will cause irritation to upper body is aching and limp.

   The most comfortable office chairs height of leg Wo to foot height and 25-35mm heel thickness, then subtracting 10-20mm activities margin, namely: H1 (high) calf = nest height + heel thickness a proper clearance. The actual seat by the test to sit at the table, put his hands on the table, you should just bend the elbow 90 degrees. Tables and chairs the height in the world is the standard of, as follows: the provisions of the national standard GB3326-1997 H1 (tall) 400-440mm, size difference Delta s to do. The maximum height of the seat is 460mm (not including the seat surface subsidence). Sofa seat can be a little lower, so that the legs forward, leaning back,the most comfortable office chairs are conducive to the spine in a natural state. The seat of the sofa is generally 360 - 420mm.


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