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What are the brass cornor protectors?

Mar 24, 2016

  Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. Composed of copper and zinc brass,it is called ordinary brass. Huang Tongchang was used in the manufacture of valves, pipes, air-conditioning outside the machine connecting pipe and radiator.
So far, the world discovered the earliest copper products is mainly in the west, such as Iraq Zagreb Wei and the Cheramie area found the copper decorations, around the age in 10000 B.C. to 9000 BCE; West Iran's Ali Kashi area also found copper decorations, years to 9000 BC to 7000 BCE; southern Turkey exactly Johnny ruins unearthed copper, copper cone, dating from around 8000 BC.These products are natural products of copper copper, copper smelting is obtained by.

From the use of copper to copper ore smelting copper, to smelting bronze alloy, the human experience of the quite long period of exploration time, like in the wizarding world copper bit by bit to create a shimmering tunnel of time and space.

At present, the world's first smelting copper found in Shaanxi, china.

   Do you know the brass cornor protectors?Do you know the function of the brass cornor protectors?And the brass cornor protectors has a big use in industy.The brass cornor protectors are used to protect the brass.But we should first konw the brass rather than the brass cornor protectors.  

   [1] in 1973,in Lintong, Shaanxi Jiang Village cultural sites, found a piece of a piece of brass and a piece of brass tube, dating from 4700 BC to about.It is worth pointing out that recently in Shanghai light source,and Pb were sporadic punctate distribution, its characteristics and reduction of solid preparation of brass is in exactly the same, thus proving ancestors between using natural metal and invent metal casting, all of them adopt the hot forging or solid metal reduction smelting method. [2]
Ordinary brass is a copper zinc alloy is two yuan, the zinc content varied greatly, so its microstructure is very different. According to the Cu Zn binary state diagram (Figure 6) and brass room temperature organization has three: zinc content in less than 35% of the brass, the microstructure at room temperature by single-phase alpha solid solution composition, called alpha brass.

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